Pet Wellness Plans in Hanover, PA

Your pet’s wellness plan allows us to prevent medical issues from becoming worse or happening at all. Since we’re all about taking time with our patients and their caregivers, we’ll discuss any changes you’ve seen in your pet and give them a thorough exam from nose to tail. The likelihood that our Hanover, PA, veterinarians will find something to talk about is high, because 80% of our wellness care patients have medical issues other than general pet wellness care. Things we’ll touch on include:

  • Flea, tick and heartworm prevention.
  • Dental health, including at-home maintenance and professional teeth cleaning.
  • Weight management, including your pet’s diet, nutrition and exercise.
  • Dandruff, allergies or other related skin problems.
  • A vaccination schedule.

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dog microchipping hanover, pa

Microchipping Your Dog and Cat

When you bring a new cat or dog into your home, one of the first things you can do as a devoted caregiver is to bring them in for a pet wellness care visit. Microchipping them at this time is the smart thing you can do for your pet’s safety. The majority of pets microchipped are returned to their owners if they become lost.

Additionally, the process is quick and painless. We insert a small microchip with important contact information underneath your pet’s skin between their shoulder blades. If their nose happens to lead them away, they’ll be identified at nearly every U.S. animal shelter or hospital.

The chances you’ll be called right away is higher when your pet is microchipped. In addition to talking about things like microchipping at a pet wellness care visit, we can talk about scheduling a new pet’s spay or neuter, and vaccinations.

The Importance of Regular Pet Wellness Exams

Since pet wellness care exams can alert us to underlying medical conditions, it’s important to bring your furry friend in regularly. A new puppy or kitten will see us more often to get a series of vaccinations that ideally end when they’re four-month’s old. Once they’re adults, we recommend yearly pet wellness care exams.

If we suspect your pet has a medical condition, the wellness care visit is also when we can run imaging and diagnostics for the most accurate diagnosis possible.

After your pet is seven-year’s old, they’re in their senior years. It’s even more important to bring a senior pet in for regular maintenance exams. Senior pets oftentimes require additional bloodwork to check for diabetes, thyroid problems or kidney diseases, so we recommend they see us at least twice a year.

Please call us at (717) 633-7387 with any questions about pet wellness care. We’re always ready to greet the pets of Hanover, PA, with a smile.