Cat and Dog Surgeries for Your Loyal Companion in Hanover, PA

Getting surgery on your pet can be a stressful time and we know that at Aloha Animal Hospital. Compassionate care is just as important to us as friendly care and you can rest assured that we’ll look over your fur baby closely before, during and after surgery. We’re equipped to perform many types of cat and dog surgeries for the pets of Hanover and surrounding areas, and we only practice the safest pet surgery using advanced monitoring equipment. Our veterinarians have experience with soft-tissue surgeries like spay and neuter and tumor removal. Should your pet need orthopedic surgery to address things like fractures and hip dysplasia we’re ready to handle that too. Call us at (717) 633-7387.

Prepping for Surgery

In general, it’s best to refrain from giving your animal companion any food or water at least 12 hours before pet surgery to reduce nausea from anesthesia. If you have a smaller pet or one with health issues, we may give you individualized instructions for care before and after surgery. Have a quiet, comfortable area ready for your pet afterwards, because they will need some time to recover. Before any procedure, we perform a comprehensive physical exam to make sure your pet is a good candidate for surgery. This is followed by complete pre-anesthetic bloodwork if your pet has never had surgery. Safety and advanced techniques in pet surgery are top concerns at Aloha and we treat your companion with only the best care. Please contact us if you have any questions about how you can best prepare for surgery on your pet.

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Treating Your Dog and Cat with Care After Surgery

When your pet has surgery with us at Aloha Animal Hospital, we’re mindful to ensure their optimal comfort during all stages of a procedure. We wake your dog and cat with ease after pet surgery by gradually reducing the amount of anesthesia they receive in a quiet recovery room. They’re kept warm and calm with blankets and lots of Aloha TLC. Because treating your pet’s pain is always a top priority, we also give them pain medicine before surgery and before you pick them up. We give you detailed instructions about their care afterwards and send them home in your loving arms with the appropriate medications. We encourage you to watch your pet closely after their surgery and to call us at (717) 633-7387 if you have any questions.