Essential Pet Vaccinations

Whether you’re getting a new pet vaccinated for the first time or need to update shots, you’ll get all your vaccination needs met at Aloha Animal Hospital. As a puppy or kitten weans from their mother’s milk, pet vaccinations provide protection from dangerous diseases. Milk provides strong antibodies for puppies and kittens, but they’re left with a gap in protection as they grow and nurse less. Top-of-the-line pet vaccinations for Hanover cats and dogs bridge this gap. “Core” maintenance vaccines keep your fur-baby healthy and free from contagious diseases their entire life.

Veterinarian holding a small white puppy: Pet Vaccinations in Hanover

Getting Your Pet Vaccinated

Pet vaccinations keep your loyal companion safe from diseases commonly found in wildlife. Even if your pet only stays indoors, distemper and rabies vaccinations are still essential. For a puppy or kitten, you should get vaccinations in their first few months of life. Then, we will give them a series spaced three to four weeks apart. Remember that an incomplete series of vaccinations gives your pet incomplete protection from highly contagious diseases. Rabies vaccines should be administered yearly, while distemper vaccinations for both dogs and cats are given every three years.

We also recommend lifestyle specific vaccinations at Aloha including:

  • Lyme disease vaccinations are highly recommended for our area in Pennsylvania.
  • Lestospirosis can be spread to humans and is recommended depending on your dog’s lifestyle.
  • Bordetella is given orally and protects cats and dogs against kennel cough.

Safer Vaccinations for Peace of Mind

We’re proud to offer recombinant and non-adjuvanted vaccines. Non-adjuvanted vaccines keep cats safe from cancer forming at the vaccination site and recombinant vaccines are safer for both cats and dogs. Using the newest vaccine technology, recombinant vaccines eliminate any chance of infection, because a virus from another species is injected in your pet to give necessary protection. Recombinant vaccines are better for puppies and kittens under 16-weeks old, because the same antibodies in milk that give needed protection can also deactivate other types of vaccines. When non-adjuvanted vaccines are used in cats, malignant and sometimes deadly tumors can develop, otherwise known as vaccine site sarcoma (VSS). Our recombinant and non-adjuvanted vaccines will give you peace of mind knowing you’re only giving your pet the best protection possible. Please contact us with any questions about pet vaccinations and how they keep your animal companion safe.