Call us immediately at (717) 633-7387 if you think your pet is having an emergency medical problem. Depending on the situation, we may refer you to the closest available animal emergency or urgent care hospital.

Sometimes the signs of a pet emergency are not always evident and a quick phone call can give us valuable insight into what might be going on with your pet. This way, we can help you determine whether your pet needs to be seen right away, or if they can wait for a scheduled appointment.

Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Vet Care

We ask you to keep our number handy should you have any reason to think your pet is having an emergency that requires immediate life-saving attention. Definite signs you need emergency vet care include:

  • Your pet is not breathing and you can’t feel a heartbeat.
  • Your pet will not wake up.
  • Your pet seems like they have broken bones.
  • Your pet recently had or is having a seizure.
  • Three to four hours or more have passed since your pregnant pet went into labor.
  • Your pet is disoriented and is bumping into things.
  • Your pet is trying unsuccessfully to urinate.
  • Your pet is having trouble breathing.
  • Your pet has been vomiting or has diarrhea for longer than 24 hours.
  • Your pet is vomiting blood.
  • You suspect heatstroke in your pet.
  • You pet’s stomach is swollen and hard.
  • Your pet is repeatedly gagging and trying to vomit.
  • Your pet falls suddenly or can’t stand up.
  • You suspect injury or blindness in your pet’s eyes.

The above signs are only some of the things you may encounter during a true pet emergency. Remember to contact us at (717) 633-7387 if you think your pet is in need of emergency care. Contact Pet+E.R. in Towson at (410) 252-8387 for pet emergency care outside regular business hours.