Our Certified Cat Friendly Practice

Because we care about the comfort of every four-legged friend who walks through our doors, we’ve taken the necessary steps to be a certified cat friendly practice. We’re proud to be apart of the world-wide initiative to make veterinary visits less stressful for felines and their owners. Cats have special needs and we’ve elevated our service to them in the following ways:

Two kittens sitting in shoes: Cat Friendly Practice in Hanover
  • Our practice has a pleasant, calming environment for your cat.
  • Our waiting area is designed to reduce smells from other pets, thereby reducing your cat’s stress.
  • We can give instructions on how to reduce stress for your cat before and after their visit.
  • All staff has been educated on unique feline facial and behavioral cues.
  • We’re current on the most recent cat research and guidelines.
  • We tailor individual treatment plans based on cats’ needs, preferences and behaviors.

Watching Out for Signs of Illness in Your Cat

If you’re a cat lover, you may already know how they tend to hide pain. As a cat friendly practice, our staff is trained to see any signs of illness in your companion. They may seem independent and self-sufficient, but cats can often have underlying issues, especially as they grow older. With the proper treatment, you can extend their lives and heighten their well-being. Some of the signs of illness you can look out for as a caregiver are:

  • Changes in eating or drinking.
  • Hiding or withdrawing away.
  • Staying away from bright areas.
  • Decreased grooming habits.
  • Trying to urinate frequently and unsuccessfully.
Veterinarian examining cat: Cat Friendly Practice in Hanover

Extending Our Hearts and Our Time

At Aloha Animal Hospital, we’re committed to quality care for pets in a friendly environment. “Aloha” is more than a name for us – it’s a way of life. It means giving kindness and understanding to every pet and caregiver who walks into our clinic. It means taking time with our patients to give thorough examinations and diagnostic assessments. Tell us any concerns you have about your cat or dog. We want to hear about any issues to better treat your loyal companion and that’s also why we have longer appointment times. With our relaxed yet comprehensive service, your pet will have all their medical needs met and more. We’re here for the cats and dogs of Hanover. We consistently go above and beyond for pets and their humans. Please visit us for a warm “Aloha” and to learn more about our cat friendly practice.